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After teaching over 30 years in the old BJHS, RKSA moved our business to Four Seasons I on May 1, 2022 - and now are contracted to teach all swimming lessons out of FS1's north pool at 904 Four Seasons Drive.  FS1 will still facilitate water aerobics and their year round swim team.  Moving forward, you will communicate with us DIRECTLY about enrollment for all group swim lessons from Baby through Adult. Baby Seals and Adult DO NOT need a swim test. 
P- 309-828-7946    (Prior to 3pm)

RKSA opened in June 1992 with just 14 customers and is owned and operated by Rob and Chris Knight. Since that time we have taught THOUSANDS of young children how to swim. After 30 years in our original location east of downtown Bloomington we moved to Four Seasons 1 taking over their swim lesson program. In order to join lessons at this facility, you will NOW contact us directly. 

In May 2022 Laura Hutchins joined our management team as Lessons Program Director. Swim America is a national program that offers programming progressions and a plan for progress. Swim America learn-to-swim program was developed by a committee of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA). We have a license to teach the Swim America Learn to Swim Program,and must uphold their standards.  In addition to those high standards, we have added additional requirements that improve the learning expectations at our swim school. We have a staff of over 18 that are professionally trained to offer you the very latest in teaching methods. In addition to being CPR and First Aid certified all staff have received extensive training on the proper teaching techniques and Level I ASCA teaching certification                                                         

How We Succeed: 
  1. Small groups -  (3-4 per class in Lanes/Levels 1-5). If a swimmer is absent, the ratio is even lower.  We do not insert make-up swimmers.  
  2. Warm water (nearly 88 degrees).  
  3. Well trained staff.  We schedule teachers where they are most likely to succeed based on their previous teaching skills, or competitive background.  
  4. Group swim lessons are 40 minutes which is an ideal duration for learning.  We suggest swimming year round, 1x/week.  And, practicing of course to move your swimming forward. During the summer when kids are very busy, 2x/week works great! 
  5. Swimmers (not Baby Seals) must wear goggles, and girls must wear swim caps.  This allows us to keep the water and hair out of their eyes so the children are more comfortable, and we can spend more time focusing on swimming. And, it maintains good water quality/cleanliness for all. 
  6. Swimmers are tested in advance of placement to ensure good class flow and quality control.  If your swimmer excels in a given lane, you may be asked to move to a different class. See ability levels on our 'Programs' page.  
  7. Goal Oriented - Swim America's Learn to Swim Method offers all swimmers a swim chart (they take home) which offers a plan for success.  Once skills are achieved, they receive a sticker and 'ring the bell' at the conclusion of a lesson acknowledging their progress.   All teachers have class sheets indicating their swimmers' name and sticker level.  
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