Rob Knight's Swim America

11/18/23 - Lesson Update - While we have a few openings for lane 3-4-5 level swimmers, we currently are in a waiting list situation for most Lane 1 beginner classes.  If you'd like to be on the wait list for group lessons (not Little Seals or Adult) please request a swim test under Getting Started tab. Interested in Little Seals or Adult lessons, reach out to us via the Contact Us tab or [email protected].  

After teaching over 30 years in the old BJHS, RKSA moved our business to Four Seasons I on May 1, 2022 - and now contracted to teach all swimming lessons out of FS1's north pool at 904 Four Seasons Drive.  FS1 will still facilitate water aerobics and their year round swim team.  Moving forward, you will communicate with us DIRECTLY about enrollment for all group swim lessons from Baby through Adult. Baby Seals and Adult DO NOT need a swim test.  

Lane Descriptions - Group Lessons Age 3.5-12 years - Click HERE

When can I test?   Often, we schedule tests on Friday night or Saturday morning.  When we are in a waiting list situation, we cannot immediately test your swimmer as we prefer to test closer to their starting date. Now that we are teaching at a larger facility, our goal is to add more staff to service more customers!  See Step 1 below to request a swim test.

Step 1: Request a test under the 'Getting Started' tab - (New Swimmers): 
Fill out the swim test request form “Click Here”. We will follow up with an email to either add you to the waitlist or schedule a test - if we are not on a waitlist. All new swimmers aged 3.5 and older need to complete a swim test, use swim test video tab.  When we are on a waitlist, we will schedule tests close to the time when we know we can get your swimmer enrolled in a class. For a description of all 5 lanes and skills, go to our 'programs' tab and select Group: 3.5-11 years. 
You didn’t pass – If your swimmer didn’t pass the test, or if you view the test video and know your swimmer cannot pass the skills for Lane 1, we suggest you swim for fun and practice those skills since we cannot take any more names on the nervous beginner (NB) waiting list.  Details about the NB program are under ‘programs.’  We had quite a few families practice this summer, and then contacted us for a retest.  
You passed – Congratulations. After the swim test, if we find you a time slot you like, we’ll send you a link to set up a Member Account.  The opening we offer you is NOT a permanent time slot.  Often families choose to take a time slot which is open, so they can get started, and then eventually change once a new opening occurs.  If none of the time slots we have work for your family schedule, we’ll monitor until we can get you started. Follow steps 2-4 below, and always send us an email if you have questions.  Our direct phone line is in the front area behind the front desk, so email is the most efficient form of communication especially M-F 3-7:30pm.  
Step 2:  Member Account using our Team Unify/NBC Sports software:
After your swimmer passes the test, and we found you a time slot, we’ll send you a link to set up a Member Account. This will allow you to pay directly including auto debit.  There is a signature area for other policies including the deck/photography policy, and liability waiver as safety around the pool is utmost important.  We are proud of our safety record, and you’ll notice during the lesson we enforce safety and listening in order to keep the classes moving and incident free.  
Step 3:  Gear: 
Swimmers need a swim suit, towel, and goggles. Anyone with hair long enough to get into their eyes will need a swim cap. If wearing a swim shirt: shirts should be tight to the skin and do not have sleeves.  Sleeves are good to protect you from UV rays in the summer and keep you warm, but not appropriate for indoors and our pool is around 88 degrees.  You cannot enter the pool in clothing including leggings as that is in violation of the Illinois Health Department code.   
Steps 4: Lesson Day
Check in: Once you enter FS1, members swipe their fab, and non-members sign in on the RKSA sheet indicating how many family members entered the facility.  
If you are not a member of Four Seasons you are NOT allowed to utilize the facility during your child's swimming lesson. Families/spectators need to sit in either the pool lobby or the white chairs on the pool deck during lessons. 
Dressing: There are 2 main locker rooms down the hallway from the entrance; one men’s and one ladies but YOU MUST BE UNDER 4 YEARS OLD and with a parent of that gender. There are 4 unisex restrooms/showers along the south pool and easily to access during lessons. And there are 2 gender neutral bathrooms in the pool viewing lobby area. 
Be On time: Please arrive to the pool deck at least 5 minutes in advance and allow extra time for parking during busy times.  Swimmers will line up on the blue benches and be escorted to their lesson punctually.  
Parents/Guardians must to be in attendance:  As stated earlier, parents/spectators observe from the white chairs on the pool side, or outside the pool area observing thru the observation window. Non-Four Seasons members cannot roam or use any equipment (or baby pool) in the facility.  All parents (including FS members) need to be in the pool area (or on brown couches) during their lesson to facilate a trip to the restroom, and/or be nearbly in case of medical assistance,  fire alarm, etc.  We CANNOT allow the swimmer to leave the pool area to go the restroom without a parent on deck or in the viewing area during lessons. Parent/guardian must remain in the building during lessons in case there is an issue that would require the swimmer to leave the pool area.