Rob Knight's Swim America

PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN 3 1/2 YEARS (100% Potty Trained) - 11 YEARS OLD

Step 1 - Please Watch the Video on the Swim Test Page
Option A:  "YES, they are 100% potty trained and comfortable doing all the activities involved in the swim test."

They would most likely qualify for group lessons, a swim test will need to be scheduled to ensure they are placed in the appropriate class based on their ability.  AGES 3.5-11 YRS. 

Step 1– Fill out the form on the Swim Test page. We will contact you within 2-5 business days of receiving the form, depending on class availability. 

Step 2– On the day of the test, we strongly recommend arriving 5-10 minutes before the test begins.

During the 5-minute test, if there are tears or signs of distress we will immediately end the test and recommend Nervous Beginner Semi-Privates or additional pool time with parents during Family Swim. 

If your child passes the test, we will provide you with group lesson timeslots that are currently available .  If you decide to sign up, you will fill out paperwork and pay with cash or check (we don’t accept debit or credit cards on site).  However, we do have a PayPal account through our website if you want to use your credit card.  There is a $5 service charge.  

If we do not have an opening that works with your schedule, we will place you on a waiting list. Please send us an email occasionally to check the status of our openings.

Step 3– Once you have a time slot, it is yours until you decide to take a break or fail to make a payment on-time.

Option B: "NO, they would not be able to pass the swim test due to lack of pool experience, fear/anxiety, etc."

If you know your child will not pass the swim test there are 2 options available.

Option 1– Nervous Beginner Semi-Privates (3 1/2 - 6 yrs old)
This program is great for children who have plenty of pool experience, but there is still anxiety.   Click below for specifics on the NBSP program.  SUSPENDED FOR NOW, AS OUR WAIT LIST IS SO LONG. 

Option 2 - *Practice"  
It is important that parents are involved in the swimming process. If your child has had minimal exposure to a pool, take your child to a swimming pool as much as possible. If your family is enrolled in programming here at RKSA, you can attend our Family Swim. Family Swim is a great way to create a fun and positive pool experience. 

Swim America puts safety first and lessons are designed to teach all the skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water

for a lifetime. Our swim school focuses on safety skills and the ability to swim a minimum of 300 yards of freestyle upon completion   

                          of the program. We test all swimmers for proper lane placement beginning at age 3.5. Small groups, warm water and a well-

                          qualified staff define the foundation of our program. Swim Test  for Lane 1-  


  • The goal is to have families with different ability levels swim at the same time.  Re-enrollment is designed to be simple. Once swimmers are enrolled, families can renew the same time slot given the programming day, time and lane remain the same. If a swimmer does not renew by the stated deadline, that time slot becomes available. Many families start in the Baby n’ Me and continue through the program with the goal of completely their #10 sticker. (see the Swim America charts online under ‘About.’
  • Sometimes classes may be combined; particularly lanes 4 and 5. When possible, we like to offer two lane 1 classes at the same time as the ability levels for a beginner lane 1 can be much different than swimmers who have been in lane 1 for some time and swims independently.
  • Lane 2 and Lane 3 can be combined but only when the ability levels are similar.
  • As swimmers advance, they may need to change time slots but only in rare occasions. The teacher does not advance with the swimmer.



Advancement Goals


Continue to work on breath holding so swimmers can front float for 10 seconds independently.                   Once they can front and back float, they advance to kicking and swimming.

  • Front Kick 25ft independently
  • Back Kick 25ft with minimal assistance
  • Follows directions so they are safe in lane 2


Swimmers front kick in a streamline position over 25 feet without stopping/breathing.                                They'll continue to improve their freestyle and, once back kick is perfected, then                                    advance to backstroke.

  • Front Kick 25ft independently
  • Back Kick 25ft independently
  • Freestyle 25ft independently
  • Backstroke 25ft independently


Instructed on freestyle side breathing, and backstroke; introduction to breaststroke kick                                   in advance of moving to lane 4. In order to advance to lane 4,                                                                swimmers must master side breathing.

  • Freestyle with side breathing with a minimum of four good and rhythmic breaths
  • Backstroke with proper technique
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick


Continue to work on freestyle and backstroke in the deep area of the pool. Also, work                                     on treading, and breaststroke kick. Once they have breaststroke kick, they have an                           introduction to whole breaststroke

  • Strong freestyle with proper technique
  • Strong backstroke with proper technique
  • Breaststroke kick 50ft
  • Knowledge of whole stroke breaststroke


Primarily focus on breaststroke and butterfly, but in order to finish the program (sticker #10)                         they must swim 300 yards freestyle. To secure their 8th sticker, they must swim whole                             breaststroke butterfly. At that point, they have mastered the four competitive strokes, so we                       move on to “safety strokes”.

Congratulations!  After Sticker #10, you can stay in our program for a short time to work on endurance; advance to Swim Team Prep,  join a local swim team, or just swim for fun!