Rob Knight's Swim America

Rob Knight’s Swim America (RKSA) offers a variety of aquatic programs following the nationally recognized teaching method of Swim America. Swim America’s learn-to-swim program provides a results-oriented, proven system providing swimmers a skills certificate with gold stickers to reward and organize their plan for progression. RKSA has been using this system for 32 years teaching thousands of children to be safe swimmers in our community!  

RKSA’s Mission- Teach students of all ages how to swim and love the water!  Our staff addresses the fear or reluctance of being fully submerged using gentle and proven techniques. We are committed to providing a warm, fun, and safe environment where students can learn to be stronger, more confident swimmers and reach their maximum potential.  See our programming menu below.

                                                                                                                                                 RKSA PROGRAMMING

Little Sealsand Seals 3      Age 22-42 months

All new toddlers start in Seals I independent of their age. All swimmers must wear a plastic re-usable water diaper and be accompanied by a parent or adult. Classes are 35-40 minutes and priced as a group swim lesson.  

Seals 3 is for 3-year old toddlers who have graduated Seals 1 (w/teacher recommendation), comfortable being separated from their parents, are 100% potty-trained, and able to sit still (safety) for 40 minutes without parent.

*Group Swim Lesson      Ages 3.5 to 12 years (see progression charts below). Click here for the lane/skill descriptions

Swimmers are tested for proper lane placement. Must be 100% potty trained. Description of the skills the swimmer will practice in lanes 1-5 can be found under the "Group: 3.5-11" tab.  Swim test video can be found under the "getting started" tab

Nervous Beginners Semi Privates      Ages 3.5 to 6.5 years (waiting list) 

Young swimmers who are not able to pass the swim test in order to enroll in Group Lessons. They have primarily been swimming in vests, are not comfortable being fully submerged, and/or have had limited exposure to the water.  There is a waiting list for this program. We suggest 'swimming for fun as a family' while you wait for an opening.  Exposure to water is your best asset to move your swimmer forward; even just having fun and jumping from the side.  You can also work on the skills in the swim test video.

Older Starters      Ages 7 to 12 years

These swimmers have the skills level of Lane 1, but this class allows them to swim in an age appropriate lesson. Once their skills align with the RKSA lanes and ability levels, they can advance out of OS  into our traditional group lessons format in Lane 2/3.

Adult Lessons      Ages 18+ years

Our beginner class focuses initially on breath control; moving on to front and back float; then progresses to swimming independently.

Private Lessons     We are not able to facilitate private lessons at this time because of staffing purposes.         

*Swim America - Certificate/Plan for Progress
There are two different Skill Level Swim America Charts for swimmers in Group Lessons, Age 3.5- Age 12.  You’ll keep the chart at home.  We do not offer programming for older swimmers or Adults because we have space limitations.  Swimmers ‘ring the bell’ when they achieve a sticker for their Skills Chart.  

Pre-School Chart - where swimmers Age 3.5 to Age 5 will begin. They’ll stay on that chart until Age 6.   The advancement skills are easier taking their age into consideration.  After age 6 we’ll graduate them to the School Age Chart whether they complete the chart or not. Year round lessons 1x/week is the best way to complete the program.
School Age Chart – Swimmers who begin the program at Age 5 or above.  The process begins with floating, then kicking on the front and back and then progresses to freestyle and backstroke.  After free and back they are introduced to breaststroke kick, and then 'whole stroke' breaststroke and butterfly.  After they can swim the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) they'll learn two lifetime safety strokes.  In order to complete the program, they must swim 300 yards freestyle.
After completion of the swim chart, they can continue in our program, but we encourage swimmers to join swim team.  They have earned that opportunity!!!  If team isn't for them,  they can move onto another activity, but remember.....JUST KEEP SWIMMING!