Rob Knight's Swim America

Swim Period Dates and Fees 

                 RKSA has 6 payment dates 'swim periods'.  Five during the school year, and one swim period in the summer. 

Our simplified auto renewal process (via NBC/Team Unify Sports Engine) allows currently enrolled swimmers to keep their same time slot for the upcoming swim period. If YOU decide to drop, at the point we will offer your time slot to another swimmer.  It's super simple to keep swimming all year round once you do get enrolled in a time slot.  The goal of our program is for families to bring all their children at the same time, however when starting initially in the program that is not always possible. Swimmers can move their time slots in a given swim period if an opening occurs. 


                                                School Year Swim Dates/Fees: 2023-2024

School Year Payment #1 August 21 - October 14 (Monday & Tuesday are 7 weeks only; Wednesday-Saturday is 8 weeks)

School Year Payment #2 - October 16-December 9  (7 swim weeks). Closed the week of Thanksgiving.  

School Year Payment #3 - December 11- February 10  (7 swim weeks).  Closed Friday, 12/23 thru Thursday 1/4/24 

School Year Payment #4 - February 12 -April 6  (7 swim weeks). Closed 1-week for Spring Break, March 25-March 30 

School Year Payment #5 - April 8 - May 25 (7 swim weeks). NO Closed Dates. 

Summer 2024 - TBD #6 - TBD. 

Swim Period #2 *No Classes November 20th-25th 

1 swimmer

2 swimmers

3 swimmers

 $133 (7weeks)  


$252.70 (7weeks) 


  $365.75 (7 weeks)  

$25 annual registration may apply to each swimmer to non FS members

Drop/Cancellation Policy

                                            See Options A and B - for Credit or Refund.  We CANNOT offer make-ups for misssed classes.  

A) Credit to your account, less an adminstrative $20 drop fee per person (with 48 hours notice).  Credit MUST be used within a six month period;  Remember, you are forfeiting the class/time slot.  When you return, you are subject to current openings.  If unsure when you'll be able to return, it's best to take the Refund via your online NBC account.  RKSA is willing to the waive drop fee for extensive medical conditions with proper notice.  

B)  Refund - There is the $20 drop administrative fee per person, for refunding through NBC/Sports Engine. RKSA is willing to waive drop fee for extensive medical conditions with proper notice.  

MEDICAL SITUATION/EXTENSIVE LEAVES:                                                                                                                                                  How do you handle the situation when you want to retain your day/time slot? This is a commonly asked question, as children have accidents, or families need to suddenly leave town to assist with a family emergency.  If you want to keep the class, you have to pay for the class. You are not credited for any classes as we are holding your time slot.  If the medical situation or absence is long, you have the option to Cancel.  See the cancellation policy above. 

School Year Policy We do not offer make-ups for any reason during the school year. The lower teacher:student ratio is helpful to the swimmers, when other swimmers are absent.  You are paying for a 4:1 ratio in Group Swim Lessons, and often there are not 4 swimmers in attendance.  
Summer Policy:  We do offer one make-up (when possible) in the summer if you swim 1x/week; 2 make-ups if you swim twice a week. During the summer we typically are open two/three mornings a week, so we have the flexibility of scheduling a set make-up day and time.     

Payment  Late Fees:


Summer 2023 Swim Dates/Fees

*RKSA is closed on 7/3 & 7/4; Mon/Tues swimmers receive 9 lessons.


*No Classes July 3rd and 4th (Monday/Tuesday)

1 swimmer

2 swimmers

3 swimmers

 $180 (10 weeks)    $162 (9 weeks)   


$342 (10 weeks)      $307.80 (9 weeks) 


  $495 (10 weeks)          $461.70 (9 weeks)   

$25 annual registration may apply to each swimmer to non FS members



              Past Swim/Payment Dates - 2022-2023                  

School Year Payment Period #5 -   April 10 - May 27 (7 weeks)                      

School Year Payment #4 February 6 - April 8, 2023 (8 weeks)

*No Classes March 26-April 1, 2023 (8 weeks) 

School Year Payment #3 - December 5, 2022 - February 4, 2023

School Year Payment #2 - October 10-December 3

$25 annual registration applies to each swimmer who is not a   FS member.