Rob Knight's Swim America

Little Seals Program: Seals 1, Seals 2 & Seals 3's (you DO NOT need a swim test).
Little Seals 1 & 2, instructed by an RKSA teacher, is a fun class with one parent and one child focusing on submersion combined with water activities and song.  Water toys help incorporate skills including front and back floating, breath holding, and jumping independently. 
Once a swimmer is 3 years old and graduates out of Seals II, they'll advance to Seals 3 where the parent is not in the water with the swimmer.  See pre-requistes below under 'Seals 3's'.                 

Requirements to Begin Little Seals: 

  • Age 22-42 months old (3 ½) with one parent in the water to assist child. 
  • If a family starts late in our Seals Program (close to Age 3), they'll often stay in Seals 1 or 2 until Age 3.5 and then 'test' for Group Lessons in Lane 1, and bypass the Young 3's Class.  So, we advise parents to start the program by 30 months 
  • A plastic re-usable swim diaper is required. (No disposable diapers.)   Illinois Health Department requirement.
  • Pediatrician approval  (if child has a diagnosed medical condition) as the babies are submerged!                 
  • We recommend families observe a class in advance of registration so the baby and parent are better prepared for Day 1; it makes the first class a more comfortable, enjoyable experience. No appointment necesary.  

                          CLASS SIZE: 1 Instructor to 6 swimmers   CLASS LENGTH: 35-40 minutes        COST: Priced as Group Lesson  

Little Seals 3 -  You DO NOT need a swim test. See criteria below: 

Seals 3 incorporates fun water activities without parents in the pool. This class is designed for swimmers who have progressed from our Seals 2 class, but not quite ready for the structure (sitting still/safety) and maturity (separation) that Group Lessons require. The goal is to graduate  to Group Lessons  at Age 3 1/2 where they'll start on the Swim America Learn to Swim Pre-School chart.  This often  requires a change in class, and time. To participate in Seals 3, you must have graduated from Seals 2 with no break in between Seals 2 and 3. 

Requirements to begin Seals 3:  

  • Must be 100% potty trained.
  • 3 years old, and have graduated from the RKSA Seals 2 class.
  • Excelled at the Baby SealsProgram, and recommended for advancement from RKSA Seals teacher is required. 

                            CLASS SIZE: 1 Instructor to 4 swimmers   CLASS LENGTH: 30-40 minutes     COST: Priced as Group Lesson