Rob Knight's Swim America

Fall Updates

RKSA Admin
Fall 2023 Updates  - Summer continues until Friday, 8/11.  Our plan for Fall is to begin on 8/21 allowing us a 1-week break to prepare for the school year.  Our evening time slots will remain  primarily the same, and all details will be emailed first to our existing customers. 
Step 1:   If you know you are taking a break, please email us back.  This will help us facilitate our morning clientele who return to school and have NO time slot.  We will continue classes one(1) weekday MORNING and have surveyed that clientele.  Many morning swimmers will need a new time slot, so if you are taking a break,  we REALLY appreciate the advance notice.   
Step 2:  We will email the schedule out shortly with the fees, deadlines to drop, and request to change.   Our goal is by this Saturday, 7/15.  
First priority  - is current morning swimmers who need 'pm' time slots during the school year.  All pm customers can keep their current time slot.   It's yours to keep. 
Second priority  - Current afternoon/evening swimmers can request to change your day/time.  Based on our current capacity, there will be limited time slots unless swimmers take a break, or graduate out of the program!   We will have limited programming on Saturday based on returning staff, but hope to grow throughout the year.  We have had a lot of success this summer. 
Third priority - Wait listed or previous RKSA swimmers. 
Again, we want to thank you for your continued support of our program.