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New Swim Period - #10 Sticker Achievements

RKSA Admin
RKSA Updates -    Our current payment period began 10/16 and continues until Saturday, 12/9. We are closed the week of Thanksgiving from 11/20-11/25. Yes, we are open on Halloween, Tuesday, 10/31. 
  • Thanks for your interest in our swim program at Four Seasons.  We have a few openings on Wednesday mornings, and a few 3:30pm slots M-F for non-beginners.  Other than, we have a waiting list for all classes after 4pm.  Please email us if you have that early availability.     
  • We do have a substantial waiting list for all classes including Group Lessons, Baby Seals, Adult and Nervous Beginners. Thanks for your patience if you are trying to add a sibling.   
  • Reminder:  all swimmers in group lessons (not Seals) need an appropriate tight fitting/snug suit, especially if they wear a suit with sleeves. Loose fitting sleeves pull the swimmers under, and hinders their swimming.  Also, goggles are required - and cap (for females or anyone w/long hair). In addition to helping with the quality of the lesson, a cap keeps the pool much cleaner for all of us!  
  • Updated Weather Policy - the pool was recently inspected and found to be 100% grounded, so safe to swim in bad weather/lightening.  
Please help us congratulate our #10 sticker Swimmers:  Benny Toca, Brillynn Kramer, Harper Haile, Bryson Easton, Brinley Schmidgal, Yashu Murali, Taylor Harr, Savannah Tullier, Ava Bhatia, Laken Kruger, Owen Brewer, Connor Boyd