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Congratulations - Current Swim Dates

RKSA Admin

School Year Payment Period #4 starts 2/12 continuing until Saturday, 4/6.  We'll have one more 7 week payment period before our Summer Schedule begins. Dates TDB.  We have been able to add some new swimmers into this next payment period. The wait list is always on our priority list as we try to get as many new swimmers added as possible as other swimmers progress to a different lane or advance out of the program.

Congrats to our many swimmers who achieved their #10 sticker, and now are safe swimmers.  In addition to mastering all four legal strokes, they can swim 300 yards freestyle.  Advik Singh, Advay Agarkar, Jennifer Rogeau, Charlie Schlink, Max Winegar, Khloe Sosoman, Ved Parasa, Evelyn Karnia, Kira Ogelsby, Cole Anderson and Lilah King.  

Wait List - we are always an email away if you want to check in to see where you are on the list.  More staffing will alleviate this list, which is top priority for us and expanding staff will allow us to service more of you!   Thank you for your patience.