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Summer Information

RKSA Admin
Hello from FS1 -  Many families have asked about summer programming details - we will be emailing that information very soon.   OUR GOAL IS TO GET ALL OF OUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS SERVICED - then we'll move onto our big wait list.  
  • We are adding Monday and Wednesday morning in addition to keeping our Monday thru Friday pm schedule.   
  • Saturdays will be discontinued in the summer, but we will service those Saturday customers (with a new time) as there should be sufficient time slots to move them.  There's enough of our clientele who will 'switch to morning' or take the summer off (vacationing, etc.) to service all Saturday customers. Yes, we plan to add Saturdays in the Fall; depending on staffing.
  • If you decide to 'drop for summer' please be sure to email us by the auto draft deadline.  If interested in starting back in the Fall, email us toward the end of summer or watch the website with the enrollment process/deadlines.    
  • Whenever you 'switch' to a new lesson time, that's your new time and you can renew that in the Fall. You cannot go back to our old lesson time slot (for fall) as other customer will have secured. If you go to mornings, you'll have to 'request to change' and give us your Top 3 choices.  Remember, with our system, currently enrolled swimmers receive priority. 
  • Staffing - adding staff is always a goal as that is definitely the limiting factor in expansion. Also, early to mid May we will lose some of our ISU students so you may have subs in the upcoming weeks.  We are always looking for teachers.  You simply need to be a strong swimmer, like to work with children, and have a good work ethic.  We offer extensive training in our methods. 
Summer AM Schedule  - 
Monday:  9am, 9:45am, 10:30am, 11:15am (all lanes)
Wednesday: 9am, 9:45am, 10:30am ( baby ) so not all lanes offered at 10:30, and 11:15am.  
Please, please watch the DEADLINES.  And, if you send us an email, remember at this point 100s of emails have been sent out, so it may be best to catch us on the pool deck.
Thank you,

Chris and Laura 

RKSA Office