Rob Knight's Swim America

Summer 2023 Updates - fyi: school year ends, Saturday 5/27.

RKSA Admin

2023 Summer Schedule -  We have been working diligently to find new time slots for our current customers beginning this summer.  The good news is - we are able to service almost ALL of you.  Our dates have been correct on all previous emails, but the number of weeks/pricing were not updated to reflect the longer summer swim period.  You will be pre-invoiced with the correct amount.  We have NOT increased our fees, fyi. 


Swim Dates - Monday, June 5th -  and continue until Friday, June 11.  Your swimmer will receive either 9, or 10 lessons.  Monday/Tuesday families will swim 9 weeks as we are closed around July 3rd/4th.  Wednesday thru Friday customers will receive 10 lessons.  Pricing will be updated as well.